Neusoft Education Technology Group ("Neuedu" or the "Group"), headquartered in Dalian, is China's leading IT higher education technology group and digital talent education service provider. Over the past two decades, Neuedu has placed utmost importance on the value creation of learners, leveraging its expertise in education, technology, and medical care to establish an innovative ecosystem that integrates education, healthcare, and wellness. This strategic endeavor marks a new chapter in our journey.

Formal Higher Education

Relying on Neusoft's robust industrial heritage and technical resource advantages, since 2000 we have established three IT application-oriented undergraduate universities in Dalian, Liaoning; Chengdu, Sichuan; and Foshan, Guangdong. These institutions were founded with new institutional mechanisms and high starting points to ensure exceptional standards. Throughout the years, Neusoft Education Technology has consistently adhered to the educational philosophy of "education creates student value." We have built an application-oriented school system that integrates production and education while fostering a cooperative mechanism between schools and enterprises for mutual benefit. Our innovative TOPCARES integrated talent training model has been successfully implemented. Moreover, Neuedu has developed a nationally renowned SOVO innovation and entrepreneurship education system with distinctive Neusoft characteristics. In addition to this, we have established five major clusters in the field of "IT+ digital media + health care". To date, a total of 25 majors have been selected as part of the Ministry of Education's prestigious "Double 10,000 Plan" for constructing first-class undergraduate programs. Among these majors are eight national first-class undergraduate construction sites—a remarkable achievement that positions us as a leading private university nationwide. Furthermore, our dedication to excellence is evident through more than 80 teaching achievement awards approved at provincial level or above—including four national teaching achievement awards. Currently enrolling nearly 57,000 full-time college students across our three campuses, we take pride in having transferred over 162,000 applied talents into society—making significant contributions towards advancing China's digital technology-related industries.

Education Resources

Relying on Neusoft's strong industrial advantages and rich academic education experience, Neuedu strives to digitize, productize, and platformize leading educational concepts, methods, models, systems, and standards, and build a 4S product service system covering four levels: resources, software, platform, and data (CaaS-Content as a Service, SaaS-Software as a Service, PaaS-Platform as a Service, DaaS-Data as a Service). In various forms such as professional co-construction and industrial colleges, smart education platforms and teaching content, and training lab solutions, with digital workshops as the implementation carrier, more general colleges and vocational colleges will be empowered with first-class educational products and services. So far, Neuedu has cooperated with more than 700 undergraduate and vocational colleges across the country, including more than 30 "Double First-Class" construction universities and ordinary universities on the list of construction disciplines, and more than 60 vocational schools included in the "Double High Plan" construction schools of China's vocational education.

Continuing Education Services

Relying on Neusoft's industrial advantages, technological accumulation and educational practice, and supported by three universities, a national delivery network, online education platform and human resources services, a continuing education service system with Neusoft characteristics has been built. First, relying on Neusoft's three universities, it actively carries out academic continuing education business and higher education self-study examination assistance business; second, it undertakes various short-term training businesses commissioned by governments, enterprises and colleges and universities. As of now, the business scope has expanded to 26 provinces and cities across the country, and has obtained more than 80 provincial and above qualifications, and actively carries out human resources services and online education services; third, for learners, it provides diversified services such as vocational skills certification and digital literacy improvement training, human resources services, etc.

In addition, Neusoft Education Technology Group actively responds to national policies, gives full play to the advantages of the OMO education model, and develops and launches multiple online education platforms including Neusoft Education Online and Neusoft IT Cloud School to build an online and offline education ecology of "online courses + practical training + employment and entrepreneurship". By the end of 2023, Neusoft Education's online learning platforms have obtained more than 2 million registered users. The platform has officially become the on-demand training platform for "Internet + Vocational Skills Training" of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and has been selected as one of the 100 high-quality online vocational skills training platforms and digital resources of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and has successfully settled in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's "Employment, Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Online Service Platform". Neusoft IT Cloud School has nearly 70,000 registered users and offers nearly 400 courses, covering software development, big data, artificial intelligence, AI tool use and other popular areas, becoming a learning platform for college teachers and students to quickly improve digital literacy and skills.

Medical Rehabilitation

The Group leverages the robust faculty expertise and research and development advantages of the three universities to seize the developmental opportunities presented by the aging population trend in the digital age. It strategically integrates resources from both the medical and tourism industries, actively expanding its presence in elderly education and smart healthcare sectors, with a vision to establish a comprehensive life cycle service system. The aim is to foster stable, mutually beneficial, supportive, efficient, and sustainable integrated development encompassing "teaching, medical care, nursing, health services, and tourism".

In response to the individual needs of elderly individuals in the domains of education, social interaction, and healthcare, we have developed a novel model of integrated elderly education known as "LIFECARES". By independently or collectively implementing and delivering various modules, we aim to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens through top-tier medical and nursing services as well as platform-based support services. Our objective is to ensure that the elderly not only enjoy their lives but also receive adequate assistance, access to medication, opportunities for learning, and engaging activities.

We have established Neusoft Phoenix College, an educational brand specifically designed for the elderly. Our aim is to create a dream university that caters to the dynamic elderly population, focusing on intelligence-driven characteristics, leveraging advancements in science and technology, and adapting to the specific needs of older individuals. We offer specialized courses in three key areas: "AI and artistic creation," "health and rehabilitation," and "spiritual health travel." Through these carefully curated programs, we assist the elderly in rebuilding their lives in the digital age, boosting self-confidence, fostering new friendships, and promoting overall well-being. Additionally, we have developed a convenient and intelligent mobile learning platform called Neusoft Phoenix College online exclusively for our elderly students. This innovative approach combines both online and offline education methods to create a groundbreaking model for senior citizen education. Currently, we offer 18 integrated online courses across four dimensions: "digital literacy," "elegant living," "physical and mental health," as well as "family education." These courses consist of 309 classes with a total duration of 5330 minutes.

Additionally, we have established a comprehensive industrial framework in the medical and healthcare sectors, encompassing Neusoft Education's affiliated hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, health management centers, nursing homes, as well as high-end health tourism hotels and other valuable resources within the medical and nursing industry. This collaborative network will provide robust support for Neusoft Phoenix College.

Research and Development

Neuedu has always paid great attention to the subversive and leading role of cutting-edge technological innovation in the reform and development of education, and has built a high-level research and development team with rich experience in educational research, scientific and technological research and product development, steadily advancing the "education + technology + medical care" research and development strategy, and building core competitive advantages.

In educational research, through systematic research in the fields of educational technology and learning science, Neuedu continues to promote the iterative update of the characteristic TOPCARES educational methodology, and continues to optimize and innovate educational concepts, methods, models, systems and standards. At the same time, Neuedu pays great attention to the methods and approaches of the two-way integration of information technology and education, providing strong educational theoretical support for scientific and technological research and product development.

In terms of scientific and technological research and development, Neuedu focuses on the development trend of digitalization and intelligence of education, and comprehensively promotes the scientific and technological research and application of emerging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and metaverse in the field of education; around the pain points of learning in digital environments such as intelligent guidance, user portraits, process perception, blind spot monitoring, intelligent evaluation, teaching diagnosis, and virtual experiments, it continues to strengthen innovative technology and algorithm research, and forms a strong coupling and interactive frequency linkage relationship with product development.

In terms of product development, Neuedu has carefully created and laid out the innovative forms of future education and healthcare products in line with the national education digitalization strategy and the application scenarios of future education, relying fully on its latest achievements in education research and scientific research.The Group has established a comprehensive and multidimensional 4S product and service system (CaaS-Content as a Service, SaaS-Software as a Service, PaaS-Platform as a Service, DaaS-Data as a Service) that encompasses IT, digital media, and healthcare sectors. This system covers four levels of platform, software, resources, and data to empower both institutional clients and individual learners in their holistic development.

Honors and Awards

A total of 25 majors of the three universities of Neusoft Education have been selected for the Ministry of Education's "Double 10,000 Plan" for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors, covering four major disciplines of engineering, management, art, and liberal arts. Among them, 22 are digital technology-related majors, accounting for nearly 90%. The three universities have a total of 8 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites, all of which are digital technology-related majors. Among them, Dalian Neusoft University of Information has been approved for 7, ranking first among private universities in China, and Chengdu Neusoft University has been approved for 1. In 2005, Dalian Neusoft University of Information was the first private university in the country to win the first prize of national teaching achievements. In 2023, the college once again won the first prize of the national vocational education teaching achievement award, and it is the only first prize of the national teaching achievement award won by Liaoning Province in the field of vocational education. At the same time, in the "Ranking of Private Universities in China by Soft Rank", Dalian Neusoft University of Information ranked third in the country for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, and ranked first among polytechnic colleges in 2022; Dalian Neusoft University of Information has been ranked first in the "National Private and Independent College Teachers' Teaching Development Index" of the China Higher Education Society for five consecutive years, and has been ranked first in the "National Private and Independent College Teachers' Competition Status Data" of the China Higher Education Society for three consecutive years.

In addition, based on its business development and comprehensive strength, Neusoft Education Technology Group has won numerous industry qualifications and awards. In 2023, the Group successfully passed the CMMI Level 3 certification, marking international authoritative recognition in software development capabilities and service delivery quality. In the same year, it became a senior partner of the Second Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China. It was selected as the fourth batch of vocational education and training evaluation organizations for the pilot of the 1+X certificate system of the Ministry of Education (2020), the first batch of gazelle enterprises in Liaoning Province (2020), the best service support unit of Liaoning Software Industry in 20 years (2002), and the first batch of Dalian City Industry-Education Integration Enterprise Construction and Cultivation Unit (2020), and was included in the second batch of Dalian City High-tech Enterprise List in 2021. In recent years, it has won many awards such as "Annual Social Responsibility Award", "Typical Case of Brand Credit Construction", "Most Valuable Social Service Company", and "Outstanding Technology-Enabling Education Enterprise" awarded by Xinhuanet and mainstream financial media.

Neuedu has obtained over 80 important training qualifications at or above the provincial level, including the first batch of vocational education teacher enterprise practice bases in the country, the first batch of vocational school principal training and cultivation bases in the country, the first batch of vocational school informationization training bases in the country by the Ministry of Education's Information Technology Teaching Committee, the Ministry of Education's high-quality provincial teacher training base, the Ministry of Education's vocational education "dual-qualified" teacher training base, the Ministry of Education's digital art innovation and entrepreneurship education base, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's national high-skilled talent training base, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's World Championships player training base, the first batch of 54 vocational skills training online platform institutions in the country, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's vocational skills improvement project cooperation unit, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's technical skills talent online training cooperation unit, etc. In 2023, Dalian Neusoft University of Information was selected as the first batch of pilot units for the construction of senior citizen universities and a co-construction unit of national senior citizen universities.

Public Welfare and Responsibility

During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Neusoft Education Technology Group opened its independently developed Neusoft MOOC platform, Neusoft course practice platform, Neusoft software project development training platform, etc. to domestic universities for free, with about 300 colleges and universities and more than 87,000 people using them. In the same year, Neusoft Education & Technology Group was recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as one of the first 54 online vocational skills training platforms in the country, providing remote vocational skills training for more than  260  companies and nearly 10,000 employees during the outbreak. Chairman LIU Jiren was selected as one of the "100 Advanced Individuals in the Private Economy in the national fight against the COVID-19 outbreak jointly organized by the Central United Front Work Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce , and President WEN Tao was awarded the title of "2020 Contributor to the Development of Online Education " by the China Information Association . The Group won the Shanghai Media Group · Interface 2021 "ESG Pioneer 60" Annual Social Responsibility Excellence Award.

Facing the future, the Group will continue to establish a new integrated development ecosystem encompassing "education + technology + medical care". We will enhance our education service business, construct a competitive professional cluster centered on "IT + digital media + medical care", elevate the standard of education, nurture socially responsible and innovative applied digital talents with an international perspective and strong practical skills. Moreover, we will empower educational reform and innovative development in partner colleges. Expanding our medical healthcare business, we aim to build an integrated smart education platform for both businesses (2B) and consumers (2C), as well as a digital creative platform and smart healthcare platform. Additionally, we actively seek to broaden our presence in elderly education and elderly healthcare sectors by fully leveraging superior resources in the fields of education, medical care, and elderly care. Our ultimate goal is to create a distinctive "LIFECARES" model for elderly education. By innovating and enhancing product offerings based on the 4S service model, we strive to promote high-quality business growth while fostering an innovation ecosystem that encourages extensive interaction, sharing, and integration among industry players as well as academic institutions involved in research teaching medicine and healthcare.