Headquartered in Dalian, Neusoft Education Technology Group Co. Limited ("Neuedu" or the “Group”) is a leading IT higher education technology group in China. The formal listing of Neuedu on the Main Board of the HKEX took place on September 29, 2020 (Stock Code 9616.HK), establishing it as "the first IT higher education stock" in the Hong Kong stock market. For over twenty years,Neuedu has been focusing on the value creation of learners, taking innovative formal higher education as the basis, integrating online and offline educational platforms, and vigorously expanding the two wings of education resources provision and continuing education services business, thereby establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for digital talent education services, where three interconnected business sectors support and synergize with each other.

Neuedu strives to become the leading education service provider of digital talents in China

Formal higher education

As China's largest IT solution and service provider, Neusoft realized the gap between talent training in universities and talent demand in IT industry in its rapid development process. The serious disconnection between talent supply and demand has given birth to Neusoft’s aspiration to establish an educational institution. Relying on Neusoft's robust industrial heritage and technological resources, three IT application-oriented universities - Dalian Neusoft University of Information in Dalian,Liaoning ProvinceChengdu Neusoft University in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and Neusoft Institute Guangdong in Foshan, Guangdong Province- have been established since 2000. These universities were founded with a brand new mechanism, high reference points and adhering to high standards. The three universities currently boast an enrollment of over 57,000 full-time students and a network of more than 145,000 alumni, significantly contributing to the advancement of China's IT industry.

With the mission of “boost smart education with technologies and empower students with innovative education”, Neuedu has built an application-oriented system that integrates industry and education. It has formed an operation mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation and win-win cooperation and has creatively put forward and implemented the TOPCARES integrated talent training mode, developed a distinctive SOVO (Student Office & Venture Office) innovation and entrepreneurship education system with Neusoft characteristics, which has gained recognition nationwide. Neuedu collaborates with industry leaders to build five industrial colleges in the fields of Computer and Software, Intelligence and Electronic Engineering, Digital Art and Design, Information and Business Management, Health and Medical Technology, and has built the University Sci-Tech Park with deep integration of industry, university and research. Neuedu has adopted the group management model of efficient operation and sharing, promoted the leapfrog development of the three universities, and has become the leader of private IT higher education in China.

Education resources

Relying on Neusoft’s industry advantages and abundant educational accumulation, Neuedu has been empowering IT and healthcare technology education for more and more regular universities and vocational colleges through the digitization, productization, and platformization of distinctive education approaches, contents, models, systems and standards in forms of academic major co-construction and industrial college, smart education platform and teaching content, practical training lab solution, and leveraging apprenticeship programmes as vehicles for implementation. Since 2017, Neuedu's products and services have been successfully applied to more than 550 universities and vocational colleges, including regular colleges and universities that have been included in the list of "Double First-Class" Construction Universities and Construction Disciplines, and vocational colleges that have been selected in the "Double High-level Plan" Construction Vocational Colleges in China. As of March 2020, Neuedu ranked second in China among IT value-added education service providers in terms of institutional client number. Additionally, Neuedu has been appointed as the senior business partner of the 2nd Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China in 2023.

Neuedu adopts the unique "3+N" model of O2O with light asset and less manpower, and provides the high-quality knowledge assets accumulated by the three universities of Neusoft to the "N" regular universities and vocational colleges. On the one hand, the Group cooperates with partner universities and local governments to build " Regional Cooperation Platform Demonstration College". While carrying out academic major co-construction, the Group gives full play to the leading and radiation promotion effect of the platform demonstration college, and provides apprenticeship programme and other sharing platform services for other partner universities in the region by leveraging the regional delivery center. On the other hand, the Group carries out academic major co-construction cooperation with a large number of  regional cooperative colleges and universities across the country, and improve the academic major construction and talent training level of the cooperative colleges and universities by providing major construction and major co-construction services.

Continuing education services

Leveraging Neusoft’s extensive industry experience of in the IT and healthcare technology sector and the application-oriented educational accumulation of Neusoft's three universities, the Group has successfully established a comprehensive continuing education service system bolstered by a nationwide sales network. Furthermore, it has vigorously developed a hybrid lifelong educational model that seamlessly integrates online and offline platforms. Firstly, the Group offers formal continuing education and self-educated higher education services. Secondly, the Group provides various non-formal short-term training programs commissioned by governments, enterprises, and universities. Our clientele encompasses various levels of government departments, including education, human resources and social security, technology and information, as well as the finance, construction and energy industries. Furthermore, the Group’s business operations have expanded to cover 24 provinces and cities nationwide. The Group also provides a wide range of services, including IT skills training, career consulting, and job recommendations for undergraduates, graduates, and other individuals. These services are specifically designed to enhance their competitiveness in the job market.

With a highly qualified staff, excellent training system, strong brand influence, superior training environment and excellent training implementation ability, the Group’s continuing education services have been highly recognized and evaluated by learners in various industries and their organizations, and obtained over 80 important training qualifications above the provincial level,including listed in the first batch of National Vocational Education Teacher Enterprise Practice Bases, the first batch of National Vocational College Principals Training and Cultivation Bases, the first batch of National Vocational College Information Training Bases of the Information Education Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education; qualified as Quality Provincial Teacher Training Base of the Ministry of Education, " Double-professionally-qualified " Vocational Education Teacher Training Base of the Ministry of Education, Digital Art Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Base of the Ministry of Education, National High Skill Talent Training base of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the World Competition Player Training Base of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, listed in the first 54 Vocational Skills Training Online Platform Institutions, PMP Examination & Training Center authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Professional Skills Improvement Project co-organizer and Technology Personnel Online Training co-organizer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In recent years, Neuedu has actively responded to national policies, followed the development needs of the industry, and vigorously explored the field of online education. The Group independently developed the online learning platform "Neuedu Online" app, which has garnered over 1.3 million registered users and provided professional learning and employment advice to more than 17,000 students through its human resource assessment service. What's more, "Neuedu Online" has been designated as the "Internet + vocational skills training" on-demand training platform by Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Additionally, it has received recognition as one of the top 100 High-Quality Online Vocational Skills Training Platforms & Digital Resources, and is acknowledged as the "Employment & Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Online Service Platform" of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. After the establishment of "Neuedu Online", Neuedu has independently developed a new IT Internet lifelong education learning platform - Neusoft IT Cloud Class, which continuously empowers individual learners to enhance their skills, excel in job interviews, and advance their career prospects.

Research and development

As a leading IT higher education technology group in China, Neuedu has always attached great importance to the transformative and leading role of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation in the reform and development of education, and has built a high-level research and development team with rich experience in the fields of educational research, scientific and technological research and product development. Drawing on Neuedu’s accumulation of educational practice in the past over 20 years, the Group steadily advocates the research and development strategy of "education and technology". By leveraging scientific and technological tools as well as innovative teaching methods, Neuedu has established its core competitive advantages, leading and empowering a new phase of education reform.

In terms of educational research, through the utilization of educational technology and rigorous scientific research, Neuedu consistently updates its distinctive TOPCARES education approach, while continuously enhancing and innovating educational concepts, approaches, models, systems, and standards. Meanwhile, Neuedu places great emphasis on the methodologies and pathways of integrating information technology and education, providing a solid theoretical foundation for technological research and product development in the field of education.

In terms of science and technology R&D, Neuedu focuses on the development trend of education digitalization and intelligence, and comprehensively promotes the scientific R&D and application of emerging frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and meta-universe in the field of education. Focusing on learning pain points in digital environments such as intelligent learning guidance, user portrait, process perception, blind spot monitoring, intelligent assessment, teaching diagnosis, virtual experiments, we continue to strengthen innovative technology and algorithm research to establish a robust integration and synergy with product R&D.

 In terms of product development, the Group initiates and plans innovative forms of future education products, taking into account the application scenario of the State's education digitalization strategy and future education, while leveraging Neuedu's latest outcomes in education and technology research. The Group has established a comprehensive 4S product and service system, encompassing platform, software, resource, and data (CaaS- Content as a Service, SaaS- Software as a Service, PaaS- Platform as a Service, DaaS- Data as a Service), to effectively facilitate the construction of educational teaching connotation and promote reform and innovation in the fields of teaching management, teaching operation, and teaching practice.

Honors and awards

Neuedu was included in the first batch of National Demonstration Software Vocational Technology Colleges and assumed the position of President of the Dean's Association in 2003. In 2005, Neuedu became the first private university to win the first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award. In recent years, Neuedu has successively been listed in China's first 50 universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, China's first 99 demonstration universities to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. Furthermore, it was awarded the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award again in 2023. Over the past 23 years, Neuedu's universities have consistently enhanced their quality, achieved continuous fruitful outcomes, and gained widespread recognition across various sectors. For many years, the Group has been awarded the honorary titles of China's Private University with Social Influence, China's Top Ten Private University Brands, China’s Private Universities with Most Powerful Strength, and National Charm Campus by Xinhuanet, Chinanet, CCTVnet and other media.

A total of 25 majors of Neuedu have been selected into the 20,000 First-class Major Programmes in undergraduate education nationwide by the Ministry of Education. These majors encompass a wide range of disciplines including engineering, management, art, and liberal arts. Notably, out of these majors, 22 are specifically focused on digital technology-related fields, accounting for nearly 90% of all selected majors. The three universities under the Group have a total of eight National First-class Bachelor Degree Programme Construction Sites, all of which are digital technology-related majors, among which Dalian Neusoft University of Information stands out as the leading private university in China with the highest number of approvals, alongside an additional 17 Provincial First-class Bachelor Degree Programme Construction Sites. A total of 155 courses of Neuedu have been selected as National/Provincial First-class Bachelor Degree Courses, which has achieved full coverage of five first-class course types: offline course, online course, hybrid course, virtual simulation experiment teaching course and social practice course. Among them, a total of four courses were recognized as the National First-class Bachelor Degree Courses. In addition, another 115 courses of Dalian Neusoft University of Information, 25 courses of Chengdu Neusoft University, and 11 courses of Neusoft Institute Guangdong have been recognized as Provincial First-class Bachelor Degree Courses.

In terms of the integration of industry and education, Neusoft's three universities collectively house nine provincial industrial colleges and one college that has been included in the first batch of provincial characteristic demonstration software colleges. In the list of the first phase of Employment Education Projects Connecting Supply and Demand of the Ministry of Education in 2022, the three universities of the Group have obtained a total of 95 employment education projects. Among them, Dalian Neusoft University of Information has been approved 52 employment education projects, ranked second in private universities in the country. In addition, relying on its own industrial advantages, Neuedu has built the Neuedu Sci-Tech Industrial Park with the main functions of "digital talent training, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, enterprise incubation". It is committed to promoting the close docking and integration of superior resources of universities, enterprises and research institutes, and building a new ecology of "industry-university-research interactive integration", thereby promoting the high-quality development of the regional digital economy. Dalian Park has formed a characteristic layout of "one park, three districts and three platforms", and has been jointly recognized as a provincial university sci-tech park by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Education, becoming the first provincial university sci-tech park constructed by a private university in Liaoning Province. Chengdu Park deepens school-community cooperation, promotes the development of healthcare tourism industry, and provides platform support for the construction of smart city and healthy city as well as the construction of industry-university-research ecosystem. Through innovative tools and training, entrepreneurial practice and incubation, and the introduction of enterprises into the school, Foshan Park has formed an open, sharing, industry-education integration of entrepreneurship and innovation ecological complex.

Furthermore, in the China Private University Ranking issued by Shanghai Ranking, Dalian Neusoft University of Information ranked third for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, and ranked first in polytechnic colleges in 2022. Dalian Neusoft University of Information has won the first place in the "National Private and Independent College Teacher Teaching Development Index" of China Association of Higher Education for five consecutive years, and the first place in the "National Private and Independent College Teacher Competition Data" of China Association of Higher Education for three consecutive years.

Neuedu has also won the honorary titles of "Xinhuanet 2019 ·Education Group with Comprehensive Strength ", Lanjing Education 2020 Listing Education Enterprise Upstart Award, Gelonghui Greater China "2020 IPO with Highest Growth ", Zhitong Finance · Flush Finance "Most Valuable Education Company" and so on. In 2020, Neuedu was selected into the fourth batch of vocational education and training evaluation organizations of the Ministry of Education's “1+X certificate system pilot, the list of the first batch of Gazelle Enterprises in Liaoning Province in 2020, the best service support agency of Liaoning software industry for 20 years, and the first batch of construction and cultivation enterprises of industry-education integration in Dalian and included in the list of the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Dalian in 2021. In 2022, Neuedu was awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise of Empowering Education with Technology by Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Research Centre for its outstanding performance in the field of technology empowerment and digital talent education services.

Public welfare and responsibility

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Neuedu provided its self-developed Neusoft MOOC platform, Neusoft Curriculum Practice Platform, and Neusoft Software Project Development Training Platform to domestic universities free of charge. These platforms were utilized by approximately 300 institutions and over 87,000 individuals. Neuedu was recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as one of the first 54 vocational skills training online platforms in China, providing remote vocational skills training for more than 260 enterprises and nearly 10,000 employees during the epidemic period. Chairman LIU Jiren was selected as one of the "100 Advanced Individuals in the Private Economy" jointly launched by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. President WEN Tao was awarded the title of "Contributor to the Development of Online Education in 2020" by China Information Industry Association. Neuedu won the Shanghai Press Group · Jiemian 2021 "ESG Pioneer 60" Social Responsibility Excellence Award in 2021.

On June 28, 2017, then Premier Li Keqiang visited Dalian Neusoft University of Information for inspection and guidance, encouraging Neusoft teachers and students to "face the future, represent the future and master the future". Facing the future, Neuedu will closely focus on the fundamental task of morality education, seize the development opportunity of China's digital wave, and work with partners to empower learners and partners with higher quality and more advanced educational products and services, and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the high-quality innovative development of digital economy.